Frize’s journey

Our water has come a long way from the raindrops that came down into the depths.

Frize Water

Through the depths of the earth which quiver when it moves.
It all happens because nature says so. The rainwater infiltrated the north section of the Vilariça Fault hundreds of years ago. This fault extends for many miles from Spain to Serra da Estrela, Portugal. Once it infiltrates and reaches great depths, the water moves southwards.

For thousands of years

We are not exactly sure how many. But it’s many years.
In 1700 and something, the physician to the King called it ‘holy’ but little did he know that the water he was talking about had travelled for thousands of years beneath the surface of the earth. It has been travelling deep below street level for so long that it has created a strong bond with the rocks, which provide it with gas and minerals.

It chose Vila Flor to resurface

And we welcome it with open bottles.

After remaining along the Vilariça fault for a period of time, the Frize water comes up in the depression that corresponds to the Vilariça Valley. Mother Nature’s recipe – she couldn’t have picked a better place – caught over 2500 meters deep.  Full of good people, who saw it flourish: Vila Flor, in the heart of Trás-os-Montes.

Years and years of history

Stirring up the waters and the Portuguese. Frize was born to question conventions, stigmas, and habits. Its sparkling flavour makes it all lighter and a lot more fun. And this is how it plans to continue: when everyone is looking serious... Frize roars with laughter making everyone laugh.