We want to tell you the story of Frize

Frize’s nature has been irreverent since its source. It appeared in Vila Flor, Trás-os-Montes. It was the result of the earth’s provocative action when it decided to move. This irreverence stirred everything up, where natural sparkling water appeared with the same personality as the place that saw it flourish: restless, sparkling, and full of life.


After our water was found, the physician to the King of Portugal qualified it as ‘holy water’ because of its apparently supernatural healthcare qualities due to its pristine condition. And we all know not to argue with a physician.


A permit is granted. This mineral water starts being officially used under the name Bem Saúde.

Almost 100 years have passed collecting the best water in the galaxy.


Frize is born: sparkling water even for those who don’t like
sparkling water.


Just when you thought that water could not be more refreshing, Frize does it again and launches Lemon Frize, the first flavoured water in Portugal.


Then Tangerine Frize appears and for the first time a product is advertised using stand-up comedy by Pedro Tochas. Frize made people laugh and added a bit of colour to the world of sparkling water with a lot of flavour – and good mood.


It was 2004 and the Euro was taking place. A Portuguese football player was considered the best in the world (at least for us) so we decided to honour his finesse on the field by creating the perfect Frize to celebrate Portugal’s victories. Frize called its new brand of water Figo and it came prepared to score many goals, one sip at a time.


The exotic flavour of Passion Fruit is joining the party but it is allowed a plus one so it invited Strawberry along, which is always popular with the crowd.


It would be easy for Frize to have a Coke flavour, but true genius... is adding lemon, which is worth a standing ovation. So we launched the Lemon-Coke Frize.


This year, our artists came up with a bottle that is as young and irreverent as the water inside it. A hip twist and tilting of the head were enough to create something more than a mere package, a Frize icon that lasts to this day.

We thought of the sweet and velvety Redcurrant flavour and intense and energised Green Apple flavour. We know the secret is in the water, so we just added it and voilà! Two equally surprising Frize bottles.


Frize has flourished, matured, and now it has a unique flavour that flirts with gin: Lime, Cucumber, and Ginger.


Just as everyone on the blue planet wondered ‘what will they invent now?’ Vila Flor appeared holding a lemon Frize Rodela: the perfect harmony between our water and a subtle lemon whisper.


This year will go down in history as... challenging.

As Portugal was indoors, we brought back a little bit of nature with Tangerine and Passion Fruit Frize to take you on a journey with its fresh and exotic flavours.
This is our motto. Our mantra. Our destiny. Frize may look like just water but that’s only on the surface. Its attitude is a combination of pride in its origins and turbulence with 100% natural sparkling water.