Our Waters

All of our water has something in common: it is all 100% natural sparkling water. Each bottle contains a unique flavour and is filled with freshness.

Frize Water

The first one. The mother of all. It has come a long way beneath the surface of the earth until we caught it in Vila Flor and sent it to you. It is 100% natural sparkling water with no calories, made by nature.

No calories

Slice of lemon

With 100% natural ingredients, Lemon Rodela (slice of lemon) is the perfect harmony between our water and a subtle and elegant lemon whisper.
1 kcal | 100 ml


Do you want even more flavour? Step aside "Rodela". This is a job for Lemon Frize. Our first flavour, which has never changed because it didn’t need to.
1 kcal | 100 ml

Passion Fruit

Our family photo is finally complete with the return of Passion Fruit Frize. And get ready to fall in love at first sight when you try it.
1 kcal | 100 ml


The perfect flavour for energetic conversations filled with news. We do not recommend it for serious matters because it’ll leave a smile on your lips.
2 kcal | 100 ml

Lime, Cucumber & Ginger

Gin has called and wants its flavour back. This is our fancier water for sophisticated moments. This flavour will have you contemplating the horizon following each sip.
1 kcal | 100 ml